Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have completely neglected this blog and the few readers God has allowed me to have. So very sorry from the bottom of my heart.
So much has happened in just a few days. My shop has totally changed...completely. I am even surprised and happy. I have shifted my main focus from crafts to services. I am a professional graphic designer and though I knew I could sell my services, I didn't really consider it. I started thinking, "What do you do best?" Design, I says, so why not sell that. So there you have it. If you need ANY graphic design services, please come by my shop and I will give you the complete royal treatment.
I also plan on working on my notebooks and stationery sets, but that won't be the focal point of my shop.
Other news.....I bought hosting and a web domain to (finally) make my graphic design studio official. Theres nothing there now. That is yet another thing to add to my to do list. I hope we do get a snowday here because I absolutely have so much to catch up on.
I'm also driving to NYC on Christmas Eve to go visit my family, so I will be sure to post some pics of my trip.
And lastly, here are some pics of my babies and me just to get to know each other a bit more.

Hasta Luego, Enjoy!

Jamila (2)My self (right) and my prego friend.
Victoria (5 months)Brauly (3)
Samir (8) and Brauly again.
My wonderful, beautiful family. I'll post pics of the hubby soon. I wasn't allowed any more.

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CAT Productions said...

What a beautiful family! And, I checked out your Etsy shop. Your designs are cute!