Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So many new things to come

So, I've been working feverishly on getting my extremely small studio setup. I'm designing a monthly planner, a grocery shopping list, a few recipe cards, and some simple notepads. Lots of work, but I am loving it. I'm also working on developing a few patterns for my planner covers.

I'm getting my taxes soon (yay) and there is so much I plan to do with the money. I need a laptop, a new printer, a new camera, a studio light for taking pictures. I want to make my little business official so getting a business license is going to cost me about $350. I just ordered a guillotine cutter from Amazon and it should be here by Friday (again, yay). This will cut my production time by more than half. I've got my business cards and FINALLY decided on a logo and name for my little business.

About two years ago I designed a little face of who Piluca was to me. I left the design alone and forgot all about it. I was going through my design files recently and found her, I loved her so much that I decided to use her. I also decided to name my business Studio Piluca. I registered it and ran a trademark search on it. I'll post pics of my studio space and logo.

Oh and the most important part of all, I quit my job. We were moving about an hour morning drive from my home and since I was already depressed about that job, I decided not to go along with them. I'll miss my coworkers dearly, but now I can concentrate on my business. It truly is time consuming.

Thanks for coming by.Does she look like me?

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